Our Gardens are

crab-appleBeautiful with

 orchards & flowering meadows
wildlife ponds & water features
decorative flower & vegetable gardens
scented secret bowers


 Fun with

natural swimming pools
wood & solar heated hot tubs
exciting children’s play areas
willow houses and hidden dens


Low-Maintenance with
• productive ground covers
• forest gardens & perennial vegetables
• mulching & no-dig methods
• water preservation for less watering
• tailor-made on-going maintenance plan

ladybird  Eco-friendly with 
wildlife friendly planting schemes
support of Irish biodiversity
organic gardening methods
easy composting
rain gardens to store & manage storm water


Affordable with
preliminary surveys by email, phone & post to reduce travelling & emissions
reasonable hourly rate
no herbicide or pesticide costs
savings by growing high value fruits, herbs & salads



Productive withpumpkins
blossoms turning to fruit
fresh organic food for improved taste & health
small scale easy poultry keeping systems
ornamental shrubs & trees that also have edible fruits or nuts
if you miss a harvest relax you will be feeding the birds & bees

Before and After/Sample Garden Designs – PDF Downloads…

Click on one of the pictures below to download examples of our work or sample designs documents

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