Design Process

An Introduction…

With the huge number of TV programs showing complete garden makeovers done in a weekend, ideas of a ‘garden design’ often include expectations of a sudden & immediate transformation of a site.   Other TV programs show designs that are beyond the wildest dreams of most people both in terms of requirements or expense.  Both these ideas are misleading.

annegardenFirstly, the ‘design’ is the ideas put down on paper and is usually within the reach of most budgets.  Whilst nobody builds a house without architects or engineer’s plans we usually make gardens without any plans.   This can result in regrets (“I wish the patio got the evening sun”), wasted money (plants dying because they are in the wrong place) and un-expected expenses (trees growing bigger than expected and damaging drains or foundations).     A good design will eliminate those problems, give you a beautiful outdoor living space and the bonus of fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables.

Secondly, it is the ‘implementation’ of the design that can be reasonable or extortionate.  Extensive landscaping involving diggers or choices of expensive hard landscaping materials (paving etc) will up the cost considerably.  Green Matters designs tend to work with the land forms as far as possible and to use local materials.  The cost of landscaping materials and the plants does mount up and be aware creating a garden is a considerable investment.  But these are one-off expenditures.  Compare the initial cost of an apple tree (€20) against 50-100 years of producing pounds of apples and it does not seem so expensive.  Add in the pleasure of seeing the blossom in spring and fruit in autumn – priceless.

leekflowersThirdly, with Green Matters, you can choose how much or how little you get done.  From an initial consultation starting at €100 to a fully implemented garden makeover.  Also, you can get a design done and implement it yourselves over several years.  Gardens are personal and, like people, they evolve, grow and change with time.  So the service we offer is personal and you can pick and mix as you like.

For more information on how the design process works download ‘The Design Process’.  For an idea of what attention to detail and personalised planting schemes you get with one of Green Matters designs download our sample designs.

We can supply vouchers for designs and plantings – a good idea for house warming presents, wedding lists, Christmas or birthdays.

For more information on how the design process works download The Design Process’ in PDF format